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Mediation in Hawaii: How can you benefit from Mediation?

Mediation in Hawaii: How can you benefit from Mediation?

If the involved parties agree on how to resolve a dispute in the first place, they wouldn’t have a court matter pending. So, when two parties can’t agree on issues like custody, divorce, partnership and relationship agreements, employee/ employer dispute, or landlord/tenant disputes, the court will order you to opt for mediation before the next court hearing date. In this case, usually, you have two or less weeks before your next court date to reach a consensus that benefits both parties.

This is when you will need the help of an expert mediator in Hawaii, like 808 Mediate, who has the knowledge, experience, and skills to suggest a satisfactory solution for both parties. Wondering who is a mediator and what is mediation? Read the article further to learn more about it.

What is Mediation?

According to the Hawaii State Judiciary website:

In Hawaii, “Mediationi is a process of dispute resolution in which an impartial third party intervenes in a dispute with the participants’ consent and assists them in negotiating a voluntary and informed settlement.” It is important to note that mediation is a separate and distinct activity from adjudication, arbitration, evaluation, counseling, and therapy. However, the mediator may use these and or other conflict resolution procedures.

For your better understanding, Hawaii Judiciary allows you to take help from an impartial third-party mediator to solve the issue. They offer alternate dispute resolution and listen to both parties to come up with a written solution that is in favor of both.

Benefits of Mediation

There are numerous benefits of mediation if you hire a mediator who can deal with any dispute like family and marriage problems, child custody, workplace sexual harassment issues, pre-marriage agreements, and trusts and estates matters.

Here are some benefits of taking help from a mediator when you and the opposite party have concerns about the possible results in the court case.

  • Mutually Satisfactory Results

When both parties fail to come up with a mutual agreement, it creates an immediate crisis. In this case, the third party, like a judge, decides on your behalf. However, most of the time, one or both parties don’t agree with the judgment and find it unfair.

In order to get a fair outcome, you need to opt for mediation. It is a method with less risk and offers you a mutually satisfactory outcome.

  • No Need to wait for Months

You should know that the Hawaii court system is busy and backlogged with matters of more importance, privileges, and sensitivity. Your landlord/tenant, real estate, family or marriage, or financial problems may remain pending. On your court date, the judge will hardly take ten minutes to determine your fate. They can also postpone your trial for a month or schedule a hearing after a couple of months. This will delay your case, no matter how early you want your results.

Nevertheless, a mediator helps both parties to come up with the decision at their chosen day, time, and place. Not to mention, you also have the flexibility to come up with a solution that can benefit both parties. When parties agree to a solution, the mediator, like 808 Mediate, prepares a written and official contract, which you can take to the court to end the case in a single hearing.

  • Completely Confidential

Another benefit of mediation is that issues are raised in confidential and private settings with parties at dispute and a mediator instead of an open public courtroom. This way, there will be no one to hear and judge your conflict, giving you complete privacy.

The only thing you will need to do is appear before the court and tell that you and the other party are ready to move forward with the written official judgment that a trained and experienced mediator has made.

  • Reduced Costs

You might be thinking that cases like divorce and child custody can be resolved only if you have the fortune to hire a professional mediator. But that’s not the case. The expense of hiring a mediator is lower than settlement through court. In addition to it, traditional litigation is extremely expensive, making the total cost unpredictable and unaffordable.

So, if you are looking for a more effective and inexpensive method to get rid of your long due case, you must choose mediation.

  • Preservation of Relationships

The worst thing that happens in family or workplace disputes is that you have to fight the battle with the people you once had a good relationship with. Settling these types of issues makes the situation stressful and depressive, putting both parties in a difficult situation.

When it comes to mediation, it helps both parties to communicate effectively and calmly. It also promotes negotiated settlements that are suitable for all people involved.

Bottom Line

Mediation is an excellent method to solve your matters with the help of an impartial third party. This way, both parties can come up with an outcome that is constructive and favorable for both. However, make sure to opt for the best mediator in Hawaii, like 808 Mediate, who has the experience and skills to resolve your specific problem.





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